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Moomin by Aarikka

The wondrous joy and magic of Tove Jansson and the world of Moomin can be felt thoroughly in the new Moomin by Aarikka jewellery collection. The designs channel the lovingly playful, quirky and adventurous personas that can be found in the Moomin Valley, from mischievous Little My to wanderlust Snufkin and all their companions. The charming illustrations depict themes such as the four seasons and lush, vivid gardens drawn in the original style of Tove Jansson, creating a uniquely harmonious, natural and joyous collection.

According to Aarikka’s chief designer Pauliina Aarikka, the brand’s design is known for its crisp Scandinavian lines and round shapes. The brand promise, Drops of Joy, communicates the way in which Aarikka products bring people a sprinkling of happiness. "We will now have more of these drops of joy in the Aarikka jewellery range, with Little My, Snorkmaiden, Moomintroll and the other Moomin characters joining it."

NB! Deliveries start March 1, 2018.

Avainlippu Tehty Suomessa Made in Finland