We at Aarikka believe that design’s most important task is to bring joy to people’s lives. Our simple, Scandinavian design combines joy with cosiness.

Finnish nature and the forest have always provided a foundation for our design. Our products are primarily made from wood and other natural materials.

Eco-friendliness and sustainability are of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we choose only the best wood for our raw materials. The light colours and beautiful surfaces of maple and birch mean they are the best-suited for painting with bright colours. Pine on the other hand is suitable for products which seek to provide a warm atmosphere and strong surface patterns.

The majority of our jewellery is manufactured by hand in Finnish homes by employees who work from home. Our home products are assembled in Finnish work centres that support employment.

Handicraft skills are a valuable part of Finnish identity and culture. We continuously work to promote them by employing numerous Finnish craftspeople.


Aarikka is a Finnish company founded in 1954. Its design is known for its crisp Scandinavian lines, round shapes, and wood.

Aarikka Oy employs a number of subcontractors and employers who work from home, and in addition, the company offers assembly and packaging work to workshops promoting social inclusion and employment. Transportation journeys can be kept short because products are assembled locally. In addition to local manufacturing, our products’ eco-friendliness is also increased as we avoid the unnecessary use of packaging materials and favour eco-friendly raw materials such as wood.

In Finland Aarikka has its own brick-and-mortar store, an online store and a comprehensive network of retailers. Outside of Europe, significant export destinations include the USA and Japan.

In 2017, the capital stock of Aarikka Oy was sold to Martinex Oy, a Finnish family-owned company producing gift and household items, toys, games and textiles. Aarikka Oy is a subsidiary of Martinex Oy.


It all began with buttons.

And it all started with a real need: Kaija Aarikka, then a textile arts student at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki, was unable to find any buttons to go with a dress she had designed. So she made them herself.

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